What if I told you that you already have the “magic bullet” you need to boost your fundraising impact during this all-important Giving Season?

WHAT IS IT, you ask?

It’s your supporters – who actually represent thousands of magic bullets. By harnessing the tremendous power and expansive reach of your supporters’ social media networks you’ll find the magical solution to the vexing problem: How do I get my nonprofit’s mission seen, heard, and understood above the loud, crowded end-of-year appeal-a-thon?

Of course, it’s great for your organization to post on social media. You should absolutely have an active online presence. However, your message becomes even more strong and far-reaching when your supporters post about you. It’s the difference between buying advertising space and having Oprah endorse you.

A few of your supporters are likely to tell their friends and family about your organization via social media – without your urging – just because that’s who they are. They love you and they love social media. AWESOME.

Most, though, will need a bit more encouragement, and it’s up to you to give it. From our EOY Finish Line webinar, here are three specific tactics you can use to encourage your supporters to expand the reach of your EOY fundraising campaign.

  1. Ask them. Simple right? Send emails, mention it in phone calls and, of course, post requests on your social media accounts, encouraging them to share their stories.
  2. Validate them. When a supporter mentions you, likes you, links to you, etc. on social, encourage repeat behavior by acknowledging it. Like their posts on Facebook, retweet them on Twitter, and so on.
  3. Help them. This is my favorite! Provide your supporters with assets that make it REALLY easy to spread your message on social. Give them sample content, written to the appropriate length, that they can post verbatim or easily modify. Ditto on images for posting or adding to their profiles.

The combination of social media and your supporters can have a very positive impact on your fundraising campaigns, especially end-of-year fundraising, as feelings of giving and appreciation (and last-minute tax breaks) are all top of mind.

For more ideas on creating a successful end-of-year campaign, visit the Abila EOY Fundraising Hub.