On a daily basis grant writers and grant managers are faced with numerous challenges – including identifying potential funders, working on expense reports, meeting with program staff and preparing for site visits. Because grant funding can account for a considerable portion of your nonprofit organization’s revenue, it’s crucial that grant teams stay on track with deadlines and deliverables.

For grant-seeking organizations, it’s useful to think of grant funding as a pipeline. You’ve got to put the right amount of applications in one side of the pipeline in order to win grants that produce adequate funding on the other side. To keep your organization well-funded, you need a steady supply of grants in each stage of the grant lifecycle: application, distribution, and renewal. Fortunately, today’s grant management technology enables you to automate processes so that you can efficiently and effectively apply for, and win, more grants, better demonstrate performance to earn more grant renewals, and manage every stage of the grant lifecycle with more precision.

grant management pipeline

Win more funding by more effectively managing the Grant Pipeline

There are two key factors in winning grants: The ability to complete on-time, accurate grant applications and to demonstrate past mission performance. A good grant management solution can support both functions by enabling organizations to better manage the complete grant lifecycle.

Apply for grants more easily: Utilizing a grant management solution to keep track of deadlines and manage multiple grant applications can dramatically improve productivity and efficiency. Grant management staffs can rely on their software to set up workflow and prioritize tasks based on approaching grant milestones. It can also help you see across the entire grant pipeline to ensure that you’re applying for enough grants now to satisfy future funding needs. Grant management solutions make the application process itself much easier, by consolidating and storing all of the relevant information in one centralized database for easy access to grant information, program details, performance measurements and key contacts.

Show grantors why your organization is most deserving: Accurate forecasting and measurement can help you back up your proposal with hard data that shows grantors exactly what you can accomplish with the funds. By using technology to precisely track past budgets and results, you know exactly how much you will need in the future, and you can “outbid” other organizations that aren’t able to show effectiveness on such a detailed level. Your organization can easily demonstrate its positive impact to grantors, individual donors and the public with the help of grant management solution to collect data and report on success metrics

Grant management technology allows your organization to achieve greater collaboration and save time, so you and your team can win more funding and focus more energy on advancing your organization’s mission.

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