Why You Should Be Doing Event Fundraising Online

If you want to raise 900% more than you are now, then event fundraising might be just what you are looking for. At Abila, we evaluated our online fundraising customers and saw that they were raising, on average, about 890% more on their online events than their main donation page.

What is event fundraising?

Event fundraising is the planning, managing, and execution of an event designed to raise money for a nonprofit organization. The most well-known events are runs, walks and rides. But don’t feel limited to those types of events; you can plan events such as galas, luncheons, trivia nights, golf tournaments and comedy nights.

In addition to raising more money for your organization, fundraising events can build deeper relationships with existing donors and help you reach new donors or target a new demographic. Nonprofit organizations that create multiple avenues for connecting and communicating with individuals are more likely to have success raising funds to support their work. People are different and respond to different kinds of appeals, so having a variety of options encourages more people to support your cause.

Sponsorships and donations can also help increase the success of your event. Many people are willing to spend more for an item or an experience when a portion of that cost will go to a charity, rather than donating those funds directly. So, consider including a raffle or auction as part of your next event. If well planned, an event can bring in more funds and extend your reach to new donors.

Why you should be doing event fundraising online

Taking your event online is critical to maximizing the funds you raise. Why? Because that’s where your supporters are; there are now 300 million smartphone users in the world and they all keep their mobile device within arm’s reach 24 hours a day. Online participants also tend to raise more money than offline supporters and online fundraising makes it easy for supporters to reach out to their networks and bring new donors to your mission.

With the right online fundraising tools, you can maximize your event ROI and minimize your staff time. You can quickly launch an event and open up your registration process from your website, sponsor websites, Facebook pages and via smart phones. Think about the time saved when you no longer have to manually key in participant registrations or process offline payments.

Conducting an event can be time consuming but it can also be rewarding in terms of additional money and awareness for your organization and cause. It is also a chance to have fun and meet supporters face-to-face. Good luck!