Only 10 percent of nonprofit pros use peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising at their organizations. That finding is from the 2015 Fundraising Advisor Benchmark Report.

Fundraising Advisor_P2P graphic

You’re thinking: Great, Cheryl. But, so what? Why are you telling me this? I’m kinda busy with end-of-year fundraising and really, I just want to pour a glass of eggnog and put on some fuzzy socks. Cut to the chase, lady!

No need to mince words, I’ll get right to it. Here’s why that stat is important to you:

  • In 2014, there was a 70 percent increase in P2P fundraising
  • Almost 25 percent of ALL online donations are now part of a P2P campaign
  • 87 percent of Millennials say they are comfortable with P2P fundraising

So, with all that growth, all those potential dollars, and the thumbs up from Millennials … why are only 10 percent of nonprofit professionals doing it?

You’re thinking: Good question.

I have one word: Events.

Traditionally, P2P fundraising has involved big events – like bike rides or marathons – and, the only thing that begins to compare to literally running a marathon is the figurative marathon of planning one. Insurance waivers, first responders, race courses, event T-shirts, water bottles, pit stops, electricity, rain-out plans. The list goes on and on, and quite frankly, it can be a big pain in the neck.

You’re thinking: Sing it, sister! I don’t want to plan a marathon! Where would I find 26.2 miles of race course that I can convince the city to block off for me?? No P2P fundraising for me. Now where are my fuzzy socks?

Not so fast! P2P fundraising does NOT have to be event dependent. In fact, our team has ideas for SEVEN P2P campaigns that don’t require you to plan a single physical event. Really.

You’re thinking: Okay, I’m intrigued. P2P dollars without P2P events? Do go on.

The Event-Free Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Guide lays out each option and gives real-life examples. And in case you are more of a video person than a written word person, my colleague Rich Dietz looks at three campaign options in his recorded webinar, “P2P Fundraising: Now Event Free!

You’re thinking: Sorry, I didn’t write those down fast enough (I have eggnog in one hand after all). What are those names again?

Glad you asked. The Event-Free Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Guide and the “P2P Fundraising: Now Event Free!” recorded webinar. Both are free (event and otherwise). Enjoy and happy holidays!