ACLEA’s 53rd Mid-Year Meeting is this weekend, and the Abila team is pulling on our cowboy boots and heading to Nashville. The theme for this year’s meeting is Walk the Line of Success, and there’s a packed schedule of informative sessions to help CLE professionals learn and grow. Here are some sessions that caught our eye.

Session: 10 Keys to Creating and Growing a Customer Service Culture

As we all know, maintaining a relationship with members takes work, and part of that is making sure they have the support they need, when they need it. Come join me for this session to discuss building and sustaining a customer service culture in your organization. Spoiler alert … it’s all about accountability and ownership. How your customers communicate about your organization can make or break your brand, so come learn some steps that you can take back to your team to begin to instill that “customer first” mentality.

Session: Getting it Right Before You Get it Wrong – Using Fast and Easy DIY Research to Deliver Programs with Impact

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to know your members, and one of the best ways to understand what types of education they want is to simply ask them. This session will teach you about running a focus group and how the information you receive from participants can help you plan more effective CLE programs and publications. Finding ways to interact with your members and understand their needs is crucial to keeping them engaged with your association, so we can all use new ways to gather feedback.

Session:  Bite Size is the Right Size The Move Toward Brief, Targeted Learning

Nano learning continues to be a hot topic in the online learning space, but many CLE professionals are still wondering how to incorporate these bite-sized programs into their education offerings. As we have said, these convenient and accessible clips appeal to a wide range of learners given the flexibility they afford. In this session attendees will discuss how to use your existing programs to create just-in-time content and what nano learning approaches work best. Take the tips you learn from this session and start incorporating these targeted learning techniques when you get back to the office.

Session:  Data Rich, Analysis Poor, Budget Non-Existent

In our 2017 Association Predictions we tasked you with gathering and examining your data to uncover trends you’re seeing among your members. By looking at how members are interacting with your organization you can develop a broader engagement strategy that is in line with your members’ behaviors. Need some tips on just how to do this? This session will give you ways to begin analyzing the vast amount of data at your fingertips with inexpensive tools.

Make sure to come by the Abila booth and say hi to the team. We look forward to seeing you in Nashville!