From new technology to generational shifts and competing resources, as the association landscape continues to transform, more and more associations are thinking strategically about their learning and professional education programs. A successful program not only provides a steady non-dues revenue stream, but stands to deepen member loyalty, as education opportunities are a key member benefit. In fact, 60 percent of respondents to the Member Professional Development Study say the association to which they belong is their “go to” for continuing education:


However, offering up meaningful professional development content isn’t like flipping a switch. Before an organization can deliver an engaging learning program, it needs to understand what matters most to its members and their pain points, as well as how to create and deliver the thoughtful and compelling content they value.

Of course, part of this is having the right technology tools. A learning management system (LMS) should not only provide a seamless educational experience to learners, but also empower an association’s staff to make informed decisions about the strategy moving forward. Integrating with other platforms, such as an association management system (AMS), can deliver insights into the needs of members, including identifying trends around what’s working and opportunities for increased engagement.

The newest edition of “Association Learning + Technology” from Tagoras affirms this and further assesses the use of technology to enable and enhance learning in the association market. To learn about all of the key findings in the study, as well as how to implement them as part of your learning strategy, please join me along with Celisa Steele and Jeff Cobb Tagoras for a webinar on Sept. 14.