Have you ever had someone from another organization ask to buy your content to host on their own learning management system (LMS)? Were you hesitant to sell out and give them full rights? Did you do it anyway? Or did you pass up the opportunity to create an additional stream of revenue? New technology, called SCORM (short for Shareable Content Object Reference Model) Dispatch has solved this challenge, and now allows you to maintain control over your content even when it’s hosted by another organization.

Here are some of the problems Dispatch solves:

Keeps content updated in one place

  • Problem: There’s no doubt, it’s time consuming to send new content packages to every LMS upon making one small change to a course.
  • Solution: When you update the SCORM package using Dispatch, everybody automatically receives the updated version, instantly across all domains.

Tracks your content usage – across all platforms

  • Problem: When you allow other organizations to host your content on their LMS, you lose tracking capabilities, and don’t know how your content is being used. This means you can’t really license the content to another organization on a per-user basis.
  • Solution: Dispatch offers advanced tracking capabilities. Through the reports function, you can see actual usage from your SCORM dashboard in your account.

Ensures clients are paying their bills

  • Problem: Oftentimes, when you sell your content to other organizations and allow them to host it on their LMS, there’s an initial fee and then a recurring fee, either based on usage or time. What if the clients don’t pay their bills?
  • Solution: With Dispatch, you can disable clients’ access to your content even after it’s in their LMS. You can even set it to expire on a certain date, at which point the client has to renew to be granted access to the content. It’s a great way to hold your clients accountable without the hassle of sending out multiple invoices with late fees.

Overcomes the Tin Can challenge

  • Problem: Although many LMSs can support Tin Can-conformant content, there are still many that do not. What happens if you have Tin Can content and your buyer doesn’t have an LMS that supports it?
  • Solution: Dispatch can immediately launch Tin Can activities, even in an LMS that only supports SCORM. Tin Can statements are still collected, but then are converted to SCORM data and sent back to the LMS.

As we have seen trends shift over the past decade, associations have been continuously looking for new ways to drive revenue outside membership dues. With the use of SCORM Dispatch, associations now have a new way to generate revenue by selling their content to other organizations in a controlled, monitored way.