Let’s say you’re buying dog food on Amazon. About two seconds after you add the dog food to your virtual cart, Amazon suggests you buy dog treats, a dog bowl, and a new leash. At this point you’re thinking, hmm, now that you mention it, Amazon, Fido does love those delicious little treats and his leash is looking pretty raggedy. Yes, let’s turn this $30 purchase into a $80 purchase. Great idea!

Upselling at its finest right? Not only did Amazon increase your purchase but you felt like you were helped, like your shopping experience was improved because of it.

I mean –hello –that’s genius!

Associations can be more like Amazon. By suggesting products, especially through bundled offerings, you can increase your non-dues revenue and give your members a great experience. For example, if Molly Member purchases your Intro Course, you can suggest she buy the whole Intro Package, including textbook and practice tests.

Bundling your products can be a win-win. As you build product bundles for your members, consider these five strategies.

  1. Allow member organizations to pre-purchase a discounted number of compliance or continuing education hours at the beginning of the year. Those hours can then be used by employees to complete the classes they need throughout the course of a year. The member companies save money, while the association gets guaranteed cash flow. Adopting an annual “use it or lose it” policy ensures the pre-paid classes aren’t a multi-year accounting headache, too.
  2. Reduced fees for three or more conference attendees who are either from the same organization, or register as a group. The association still covers its costs, but the offer encourages greater attendance.
  3. Discounts on a series of information products or workshops when purchased together, or discounted textbooks with every full-price admission to a continuing education class.
  4. Savings on subscriptions or other offers for members, or a free book with a full-priced subscription for members.
  5. Spend a specific dollar value or purchase a certain number of products, and get a percentage-off or dollar-off value on the package.

Learn more about bundling products to drive revenue in our new tip sheet “3 Steps for Bundling Value-Added Products.”