Editors Note:  Our Sage team was immersed in all of the action and madness that is SXSW Interactive this past week.  We loved meeting all of the folks in the nonprofit space at the Beacon Lounge and in Better Tomorrow and other sessions.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be digesting and distilling everything we learned and sharing it here with you.

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Top 5 #SXSW tweets brought to you by Sage Product Manager, Jamy Squillace @jrsquillace

  1. “Relatable” – a recurring theme this year. Experiences need to relate to a user’s self-interest. via #sxstories
    Content, design, website, stories, and experiences all need to RELATE to your user/donor and be front and center on your site, donation page and newsletters.
  2. Sufficiently motivated people will tolerate complexity, difficulty and confusion (crap). How many people are that motivated? via #sxsimplerux
    A better way to read this tweet is ONLY sufficiently motivated people will tolerate complexity. Simplify your online donation and registration pages. Do you trust that your donors are “sufficiently motivated,” especially when you want them to open their wallet?
  3. Nonprofits, don’t forget to find your existing donors when you enter social media. via #sx21stgiving
    Yes! Many organizations forget to start with their existing base of donors and miss an opportunity to reach their most connected followers. Start with your base first and then reach for the stars (or audience).
  4. 38 million calls to action for nonprofits online. Wow. Don’t bury your donation button on your website!!!via #sxapp4good
    Enough said.
  5. Blogger communities may not be huge but they are likely to be incredibly engaged (and might be both!). via #blogout
    Connect with bloggers writing about your cause. It’s a great way to provide relevant (see #1) content and extend your reach. Plus, their followers are highly engaged. And, don’t forget that it’s a two-way relationship with your bloggers.

Bonus Tweet:
What nonprofits can learn from SXSW geeks: use vision type process to come up with new fundraising opportunities. via #sxvisiontype
Apply a new innovation principle called “Visiontyping” to help you get out of your campaign fundraising rut. This process facilitates innovation and can help create big ideas.