The Community Brands team is heading to ACLEA’s 55th Mid-Year Meeting this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. This year’s theme is “CLE Rising: Better, Stronger, Inspired,” with programming to engage attendees and encourage growth both personally and professionally. Here are some of the sessions I have circled on my agenda.

Session: Resurrect Your Content for New Audiences; Create Once, Publish Everywhere

As we have learned from our 2018 Member Education and Career Development Report, members are seeking education in a variety of formats. Across generations they’re craving variety and accessibility, as they become more multimodal than ever before. Delivering on the needs of today’s members can seem overwhelming for organizations as it means more time, energy, and money. Or does it? Repurposing the content you’re already producing is the best way to serve today’s learners without breaking the bank or losing your mind. Get the most out of your programming by capturing in-person events, hosting rebroadcasts, and stretching your on-demand programming into packages or nano-courses. Check out this session for more tips on extending the life of your content.

Session: Moving Your Brand from Like to Love: The Power of Member Engagement

An engaged member base can be a great asset to your organization. For example, your super members are the most committed and connected with your association and really care about belonging. Spread the love of your organization through your super members who you can enlist as advocates. Put them to work as mentors or speakers. You can also have them participate in online communities, social media, or be a part of a success story. Engaging super members is just one way to promote your brand. Join this session to hear more ideas!

Session: Boldly Going Where Lots of CLE Providers Have Gone Before – Changing to a New LMS/AMS

Selecting a new technology provider can be an intimidating experience. With so many vendors to choose from, how can you be sure you are making the right investment? On top of that, the pressure to deliver quality, engaging education through a seamless user experience is higher than ever before. While it may seem scary, one of the keys to selecting the right technology provider is to think about where your program is heading. What are your goals for the future of your learning program and what are the tools that will support those goals? Head to this session to hear personal experiences from CLE professionals who have gone down the technology selection road before.

Are You Listening? How to Get the Most out of Feedback from your Customers, Speakers, and More!

Capturing feedback from your constituents can help to drive greater value for your members, as well as increase your rate of retention. Associations have become accustom to particular marketing tactics, but these avenues of communication are limiting the level of engagement that could be achieved through proactively gathering feedback. Create a stronger connection with members through feedback opportunities, as they will appreciate the chance to be heard. And hey, you just might get helpful recommendations you can put into practice. In this session you’ll learn about gathering feedback from your members and others to improve your organizational offerings.

Make sure to come by the Community Brands booth and say hi to the team! We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!