At some point in life, we don’t need more “stuff.” Our closets are exploding with clothes (some of which we can’t wear). Our kitchen cabinets have (mismatched) Tupperware falling out of them. And, don’t even look at the garage! That’s the perfect time to transition a birthday celebration from “stuff” gifts to charitable gifts.

Yes, yes, yes! That’s what fundraisers and nonprofit leaders across the country are shouting. Yes, tell your friends, “No more candles, no more cutesy stationery, no more wine” (okay, maybe not no more wine). And, instead tell them, “Please make a gift to my very favorite charity [insert your org’s name] for my birthday this year.” Birthday fundraising campaigns are like music to a fundraiser’s ears.

Short of hacking your donors’ Amazon wishlists, though, how do you as a fundraiser encourage these gifts? It’s quite simple actually: Give them the option.

Using online fundraising software with peer-to-peer capabilities, set up a birthday fundraising page on your website. Then, via email marketing and word-of-mouth, encourage your supporters to create their own personalized fundraising pages right there on your site.

This can be “crockpot” fundraising, as in set-it-and-forget-it. Once you’ve done the initial set up, you can literally walk away. Yes, you will get better results if you nurture your supporters year-round to participate in these campaigns. But, even if you don’t, folks can still find the opportunity and start fundraising without you lifting a finger. 

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