In Abila’s new Member Loyalty Study  we identified distinct segments across the loyalty spectrum with the most committed members falling into the Super Member category. According to the study, your Super Members are the most connected with your organization and really care about belonging. They value what the organization does for the profession and want a high degree of communication with targeted content.

With the right data and tools, you can uncover your Super Members and enlist them as advocates for your organization. Here are a few ideas for how to put your Super Members to work:

  • Community: Recruit your Super Members to promote conversation within your member community by posting best practices or organizational news. Make sure to give these Super Members a designation in the form of a community badge, so they’re recognized and can encourage their peers to get more involved.
  • Success Stories: Profile Super Members in member success stories to illustrate how being involved with your organization has helped them advance in their careers. Perhaps their volunteer work with your association or the education offerings they’ve received from you have helped them. Telling this story can illustrate the value of your organization to those less engaged, or even prospective members.
  • Reviews: Encourage your Super Members to write reviews of any events, online courses, or publications they enjoyed. Make it easy for them to share this feedback via social media to spread the word.
  • Advisors: Tap your Super Members to participate on an advisory board or focus group, or serve as beta testers. You can get invaluable feedback on a new initiative, and they’ll appreciate you’re asking their opinion.
  • Mentors: Give new members the option to participate in a mentoring program and assign each a Super Member mentor. The mentor can help keep these new members engaged and demonstrate ways they can participate within the association.
  • Resources: Identify your definition of what makes a good speaker or publication author and mine your Super Members to see if any of them fits the bill. If your Super Members aren’t up for speaking or writing, you can still solicit suggestions from them and build up your library of resources.

To learn more about Super Members and the other groups along the member loyalty spectrum, check out our Member Loyalty Study.