Does your organization have a contingency/safety back-up plan? If you do, and you’re located on the East coast, there’s a good chance it got tested last week. If you don’t, perhaps Sandy was a wake-up call and now you need to put one in place but don’t know where to start.

As you might imagine, Avectra has a pretty rigorous safety/security plan that is always updated and always in place for unexpected emergencies. Being responsible for your customers’ data is a big responsibility and one we take very seriously. In addition to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive Social CRM, as a Cloud-based or SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, the safety and security of our client’s data is always a priority. We understand that your data is the organization. It is your most valuable asset. Because our customers are our most valuable asset, it is our business and our mission to guard and protect it – as well as having it always available to you.

Prompted by the recent hurricane I asked Craig Dellorso, Avectra’s Chief Customer Officer about the preparations:

Given that you had some advance warning, what special preparations did you make for Sandy and when did you begin to put them in place?

Our Cloud services are designed to mitigate the impact of foreseen and unforeseen outages so other than our routine double checking to make sure all backup and replication systems were working properly, no special preparations were needed.

Were there any failures or unexpected occurrences?

There was an outage in the Primus Data Center in Canada, late in the evening on Monday (Nov. 29) that impacted our Canadian customers for about an hour. On-call staff and other team members picked up troubleshooting the issue as power was lost and restored by different staff members through the evening.

Like most DC-area businesses, Avectra’s Mclean office was closed down during the hurricane, what steps did you take to ensure Avectra’s business continuity?

Our core corporate IT services are built in a similar manner as our Cloud Services enabling Avectra staff to work securely anywhere, anyplace, and any time. Additionally, we have the ability to reroute phones to our offices in Orlando or Chicago so we never lose our customer support line.

If there was one thing you’d like to share regarding data safety and security you’d like the Executive Directors and CIO’s of organizations to know; what would it be?

Data is increasingly mobile today so sound business processes and procedures are needed to identify and secure business critical data, however, your biggest security asset, and liability, is your staff. Proper training is essential for your staff to know how to appropriately handle and protect business critical data.

I’d like to hear your story of how your association or organization prepped for Hurricane Sandy, or any other similar situation. What worked? What lessons were learned?