Friday has come and the weekend is just a few hours away! I hope everyone’s week has treated them well and the government shut down hasn’t dampened your spirits too much. Thanks for swinging by to take a look at this week’s nonprofit news round-up.

News round-upWhat better way to start off this curation set than with an infographic — who doesn’t like informative pictures! This infographic, designed by Search Mojo, shows that online giving has increased dramatically over the past several years. Even so, it shows, there are countless more online outlets through which to seek donations that nonprofits have failed to target. Take a look and take stock. Could your organization be more effective with their online donation campaigns?

Think about the first several months following the initial launch of your Facebook page — you probably noticed an immediate boom in popularity and growth. Inundated with “likes” and “shares,” you might’ve even had a hard time managing your content to keep the users happy. As with most organizations, this, what I want to call “honeymoon phase” will start to diminish. Your page will begin to stagnate and the effort you put into it will fall along with it. This article, on Inspiring Generosity, offers some helpful advice on breathing new life into that old Facebook page. As one of the most popular social media sites (and one of the primary methods of outreach to the millennial generation), it’s vital that you keep your Facebook presence fresh and attractive to old and new visitors/donors alike.

Not sure what to write about this month? Trying to think of some major talking points or themes that will keep your blog content fresh and up-to-date? This article on Nonprofit Marketing Guide offers some relevant topics or monthly themes on which you can center marketing approaches and strategy. You can also sign up to receive these articles via email every month — which I highly recommend if you’re having trouble overcoming the inevitable writer’s block. Check it out!

I don’t think I could have completed a post without including one of these! The government shutdown has been hard on a lot of people. While Congress continues to deliberate, many industries and the American economy are feeling the heat, leaving many stranded in a world of uncertainty and confusion. This article spotlights the shutdown and what it might mean for those of us in the nonprofit world. Many organizations, which rely on government funding, will find themselves in equal dismay — the trickle-down effects of a government shutdown are reaching far beyond the DC Metro bubble.

Philanthropy Spotlight

I’m adding a new feature to my nonprofit blog posts — a philanthropic spotlight. In each issue I will highlight a nonprofit hero, philanthropist or organization that I have found to have a compelling or interesting story that I’d like to share with you.

This week’s spotlight focuses on an Australian Philanthropy called New Generation of Giving (New Gen) which engages an entirely new generation of philanthropists under the age of 40. Take a look to learn a bit more about their scope/mission and read about a recent visit philanthropist Bill Gates made to the organization.