We all know nonprofit accounting can be frightening at times, particularly when your accounting system has one foot in the grave. From auditor boogeymen creeping down hallways, to beastly balance sheets that have minds of their own, to recurring transaction nightmares. YIKES!

But nonprofit accounting doesn’t have to be all double, double, toil, and trouble. You just need the right ingredients in your cauldron. For example …

Caught in the budget bog?

Get out of the “swamp” with a budget revision worksheet!

When setting up their budget, some organizations make it harder on themselves than necessary. Building your budget isn’t a perfect science – often you need to make revisions, but this doesn’t mean you need to reverse everything and start over!

Leverage your true fund accounting system’s budget revisions worksheet to clear up any murkiness you may experience. With the ability to easily increase or decrease items, as well as create unlimited flexible budgets and segments, this accounting software feature can help you stop sinking into the dreaded budget quagmire.

Tired of the debit and credit conundrum?

Crawl out of this hypnotic nightmare!

Entering transactions AND corrections to the point where you no longer understand the totals? Get back on track leveraging your true fund accounting software’s display balances and/or reporting. Specifically, use report filters to clearly see debits and credits and don’t forget to leverage additional features such as the expanded general ledger report, account balance, or trial balance reports.

Want more tricks and treats to end your accounting nightmares?

Join us for our ghostly-themed webinar, Accounting Tales of Terror: Tricks and Treats to Avoid Accounting Errors on Wednesday, October 11 from 2 to 3 p.m. CT to learn how to better avoid these horrors and other bewitching tales by using Abila MIPTM to its fullest extent, leveraging features and functionality you may not even know you have.