How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? You know. Your vow to eat healthier. Exercise more. Lose weight. Save more money. Learn a new skill.

About 60 percent of us admit we make New Year’s resolutions, but only about 8 percent of us actually achieve them, according to a recent Inc. article.

Well, we’ve got some resolutions you can make at work that are much easier to stick to than losing weight! They involve small things that you, as a fundraising superstar, can avoid doing to ensure the very best event experiences for your guests.

This is extremely important, because 63 percent of donors who responded to our survey say they’re more likely to give to an organization after having a positive event experience. This is especially true for Millennial and Gen X donors.

Ready? Repeat after me, “In 2019, I resolve to avoid … ”

The Mystery Guest

You know this person … the guest of a guest, the filler at a sponsor’s table, the one who always seems to give, yet slips through the cracks. It’s time to catch these mystery guests and make them a consistent part of your donor pool. Using a modern technology platform to register guests for an event allows staff and volunteers to see what donor information is missing when a guest arrives, ensuring no guest remains a mystery.

Long Lines at Check-In

Keep guests moving and get them inside so they can start enjoying themselves! It’s important to have a ticketing system that is integrated with your auction and donation software so that guests do not need to re-enter payment or contact information. This also automatically generates your guest list so that with a few taps in the search bar on the iPad you can pull up a guest’s profile, check him or her into the event, and initiate the welcome text message, so they can immediately begin bidding and donating.

Chaotic Checkout

Let your guests keep dancing the night away! Long lines to collect auction items and process payments put a damper on the end of a great event, so let guests process payments through fundraising software on their own personal device. When your auction closes, the app will automatically tally winners and their costs for the evening, so the auction team can begin checking out guests immediately instead of waiting to manually close out each auction item.

Unfulfilled Donations

Do you ever receive incomplete pledge cards, or find a guest impossible to get ahold of after an event? When an organization runs its event with event management software, all guest contact and payment information is collected upfront. This enables organizations to charge the cards of guests who are unresponsive or did not completely provide the information needed to fulfill their pledge. Less money will fall through the cracks and less time will be wasting following up with guests.

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