Take a deep dive with us into nonprofit donor experiences and expectations! Our 2018 Donor Experience Study helps answer many questions nonprofit professionals have in these times of ever-changing technology preferences. We conducted this research to better understand donor preferences, as well as their in-person and online experiences. Then, we went a step further to learn where nonprofits might improve to help engage with supporters optimally in the future.

Our research surfaced many key findings, including:

  • How donors give is driven by donation amount and familiarity with the organization.
  • Age and income determine preference for online giving.
  • There’s a growing appetite for mobile giving.
  • Event experiences impact donations.
  • Technology can improve fundraising events.
  • Donors want personalized follow-ups.

The chart below is one of many illustrations you’ll find in the 2018 Donor Experience Study. This graph shows that since 2016, there has been a 3 percent increase in donors contributing to two to three organizations.

Graph - Donating to 2-3 Organizations

All this information, plus more charts and statistics are available in the study to help your organization learn about donor expectations and experiences. Plus, make sure you attend our upcoming webinar, “Digging Deeper into Donor Experiences: Findings From our 2018 Donor Study,” next Thursday, May 3. I and my colleague Jenna Jameson will share essential strategies and tactics to really help nonprofit fundraising professionals engage and inspire donor contributions today and into the future. And, in the meantime, check out this Associations Now interview with another of my cohorts, Brandy Keller, Director of Product Management and Marketing for Community Brands Nonprofit Solutions division.