A media roundup from the Nonprofit Finance & Accounting Study

It’s only been five short weeks since the release of Abila’s Nonprofit Finance & Accounting Study, but the buzz around its key findings are shining a spotlight on the many layers of complexity and nuance found in the world of nonprofit accounting.

According to our 300-plus survey respondents, their challenges are many and varied – from daily, on-the-job interruptions to missed strategic planning opportunities. And, the nonprofit community at-large is listening.

Here are just a few must-read articles highlighting the day-to-day challenges that emerged from the new research:

Interruptions Are Top Challenge for Not-for-Profit Finance Execs, Journal of Accountancy

The Workplace Frustration that Plagues Nonprofit CFOs is Something Most Workers Can Relate To, Business Insider

More Investment, New Technology Could Relieve Drain on Finance, Associations Now

Finance Execs Stay Longer, Have ‘Cloudy’ Futures, The NonProfit Times

Study Shows Top Trends and Challenges for Nonprofit Finance Professionals, CPA Practice Advisor

What’s Taxing Nonprofit Accounting and Finance Professionals?, Associations Now

Nonprofits Struggle To Embrace Treasury Innovation, PYMNTS.com

Read the full study at www.abila.com/financestudy, and, catch our recorded webinar, “Pardon the Interruption,” to hear more about the study’s findings, as well as recommendation on overcoming these challenges from Abila’s fund accounting experts.