We don’t often think of associations or nonprofits as brands. But, truth be told, they are. When you see the color pink in October, you know it’s breast cancer awareness, and probably think of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. When you see a red kettle in December, you immediately think Salvation Army. And, when you receive your AARP invitation in the mail, you can no longer deny you’re not quite over – but, definitely cresting – the dreaded hill.

But, there’s a fine line to balance for your organization’s brand: consistency and evolution. When you balance the two, the result is a recognizable brand that grows with its constituents.

The proof is in the pudding: AARP featured Luke Perry as their cover boy. Me, you, and every other 90210 lover felt old … but, engaged.

In “Shake It Off: Member Engagement Taylor Swift Style,” we dive into this engagement concept, and others, through the lens of the always fun, never boring Taylor Swift. Swift started as a teeny-bopper country star, but as she and her fan base have grown up, and as she’s shifted to the pop genre, her look, persona, and music have all changed, too. But, she’s still Taylor Swift.

For this specific lesson, watch the two-minute video below, and for more Taylor Swift-inspired member engagement ideas, watch the whole member engagement webinar here.