As technology continues to advance, and your members become more and more tech savvy, the need to evolve and adjust to the changing association landscape has never been more obvious. Your members aren’t just expecting your association to be a means through which they can network with peers or travel to conferences to complete their mandatory continuing education. They want a member experience that’s much more personal than that. One that demonstrates you understand who they are and why they joined your association in the first place.

But, how the heck do you deliver a personalized member experience to your association’s thousands of members who span four generations, all with their own unique set of expectations. The answer: segmentation.

Whether you know it or not, you can group your members into more categories than you’re probably even aware of just by paying close attention to your data. Sure, there are the obvious buckets like generation and gender, but when you look closer, you’ll probably discover your members have more in common than you think. For instance, are you grouping your members into buckets, based on the types of credentials they’re seeking from your association, and therefore grouping your content in the same fashion? Or, are you grouping them based on how engaged they are? What about how long they’ve been a member?

Member and continuing education staffers need to start taking a page from your marketing colleague’s book. Your engagement, retention, and acquisition strategy should all be built around the personas of your members. Then, from a continuing education standpoint, you can take it one step further and build out your learning programs to include content packages that seem personal in nature, but really appeal to a large percentage of your members.

For example, do you have a group of members seeking a specialized accreditation, and if so, can you build out a directed learner path for those members that saves them from having to hunt and peck for the courses they need? Or from a member acquisition standpoint, do you truly understand what a Millennial who’s joining the profession needs, and can you provide coaching, training, or learning opportunities at a discounted rate to hook those younger professionals?

Personalizing your member experience across the board is the next wave of demand that’s sure to impact your association, so begin analyzing your member and learning content data now, as you plan for the future.

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