Valentine’s Day is upon us, and with all of this love in the air, we figured what better time to stop and assess your relationship with your learners. After all, as predicted this year, continuing education will play a critical role in the value your members seek from your association. So forget about the box of chocolates and toss out the roses we’ve got you covered this Valentine’s Day with three questions that will help you determine if the relationship you have with your learners is everlasting.

What are your members getting out of this relationship?

As in any relationship, if one or both parties don’t feel they’re getting what they signed up for, a breakup is inevitable. As evident in Abila’s Member Engagement Study, there’s a huge misalignment between member wants and what organizations think members want. So take the time to ensure your educational offerings are keeping up with the evolving expectations of your members. Remember that trends like mobile, personalized, and nano-learning have all become status quo at this point, and if you’re not incorporating at least one, you may be closer to a breakup than you think.

Are you listening?

If you’re not taking the steps to demonstrate you have a holistic understanding of your members’ educational needs, you could lose them. This is where your data becomes more important than ever. Too many associations have a plethora of data just sitting there, begging to be analyzed, but because of staff and resource restraints, it continues to be ignored. To set your organization up for success, start with your systems, and your integrations. Ensure the data that’s meaningful to your organization is being sent to your database of record through an integration, then work closely with your software vendor to make sure you have the reports you need to examine every engagement your members have with your association.

Is it easy to be in a relationship with you?

Who likes to continue a relationship that isn’t easy to be in? No one. Think about every single interaction a member could have with your association, from your conferences, to your website, to your learning portal, and then test them. Use them as your members would, and take note of anything that seems overly complicated. Your learning courses should be easy to find through search functionality. Your membership options should be easy to purchase. Your conference should be easy to watch online if members can’t make it in person. All of these touch points are critical to sustaining a happily-ever-after relationship with your members.

Ready to make your members love you even more? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to take the next steps playing matchmakers between your organization and your members.