Last year the Abila fundraising team launched, in my very biased opinion, an incredible fundraising recommendations tool: the Fundraising Advisor. In short summary, it starts with a six-question quiz about your fundraising practices, then applies some Abila secret sauce and produces a tailored-to-you infographic of ideas. 

To make the “secret sauce” we consulted findings from research like the Donor Engagement Study. We had conversations like, “If an organization has a single online donation form, the best information we can give them is the case for multiple, tailored donation forms and peer-to-peer fundraising.” Then we wrote specific content for that use case that included research data and first-hand experiences to come up with a super specific recommendation for an organization with practices of that nature.

We did that for every single answer choice on every question.

Even if your permeation skills are a little rusty like mine, by now you are probably thinking, “That’s a lot of combinations!” And, you’re right, it is. And, that’s what makes the Fundraising Advisor exponentially more useful, interactive, and interesting than so many other resources available, and why more than 800 professional fundraisers have already completed it. And, oh yeah, it’s totally free. Zero dollars.

But, that’s what we did last year. 2015. And hello, it’s August of 2016 now. So guess what – we did it again.

This summer we consulted new research, including the Donor Loyalty Study and the 2016 M+R Benchmark Study. We brought in new client stories to provide tangible examples. We changed one of our questions to provide more useful information around donor retention and getting “the next gift.” And finally, we reskinned the whole enchilada with bright colors, new images, and additional personalization.

In short, it’s been a really amazing summer for the Abila Fundraising Advisor team. Now that our beautiful labor of love is complete, I’m over the moon to present you with the new, improved, and better-looking-than-ever FUNDRAISING ADVISOR.

I hope you’ll complete the Fundraising Advisor and gain useful ideas and information from your recommendations. Enjoy!