Does anyone else feel like this year has flown by at warp speed? Believe it or not, 2017 is about to come to a close. With 2018 right around the corner, there is no better time to reflect on the past year’s learning trends and forecast our predictions for the year to come.  

Community Brands is teaming up with Tagoras for a free webinar where we will dive into the learning developments from 2017 and our expectations for 2018. I’m able to give you a sneak peek into one trend and one prediction in advance of next week’s event!  

Trend: Career Pathing/Visioning

As we mentioned before, your members value job opportunities, and are looking to the associations to which they belong for assistance with career advancement. They’re on the hunt for opportunities to differentiate themselves from their peers. This is where you come in! We’re seeing organizations make a deeper connection between education and career paths, by helping learners see beyond a single course into the full potential of a career field.

By developing personalized learning paths and serving up recommendations based on past behaviors, associations can prepare their members for not only achieving a particular certification, but also gaining a knowledge set to enable them to move forward into the next level of their career. The next step here will be to start tying learning and careers together by promoting courses in your career center and vice versa, recommending jobs with your education offerings. 

Prediction: Phone Phocus

Looking ahead, we expect to see organizations take the small screen more seriously as a key point of connection with their learners. On the learning management system (LMS) side, we’ve been focusing on this one for a while, as users have shifted to watching more programs on their mobile devices.

With the ever-evolving technology landscape it’s important to offer your learners an optimal experience with a mobile responsive design. While the delivery quality is crucial, association professionals should consider how to make the content more scalable, so it’s easier to digest on-the-go. Breaking up content into smaller chunks, so people can watch portions of a program at their leisure, is just one way to accomplish this. 

Make sure to join us for the webinar” 2017 Learning Trends, 2018 Learning Forecast,” next Thursday, December 7, for a deeper dive into all our trends and predictions!