From career-hungry Millennials to well-established Gen Xers and Boomers, one commonality remains true across all generations the recognition that knowledge is a uniquely powerful tool to have in a professional’s arsenal. And if nurtured and nourished properly, that very tool can be the difference between landing a new job or keeping a job as one competes with the endless talent in today’s job-seeking pool.

And as that ever-growing, fast-paced job market fuels the need for knowledge, it also creates a significant opportunity for associations of today. With estimates showing that an average of $160 billion a year is spent on continuing education, it’s a no-brainer that now is the time for associations to harness the power of your content to make an unprecedented impact on the direction of lifelong learning.

On a positive note, associations and member-based organizations are already ahead of the game. Abila’s Member Professional Development Study found that across all generations, members turn to associations for education needs 60 percent of the time. The challenge is that employers are not far behind, with an average of 56 percent. And regarding quality, associations fell short when compared to college and universities who received an average rating of 89 percent from learners.

So what short-term, quick wins can your association jump on now to be the go-to source for all of your members’ (and non-members for that matter) continuing education needs?

  • Pricing: Nearly 50 percent of members surveyed state they’d like all-inclusive pricing, while only one-third of member organizations are offering that type of packaging.
  • Content: With Millennials now representing the largest generation in the workforce, you have to start to cultivate content offerings that meet their needs. Are you offering hands-on, skill-based training that will help them land the job?
  • Technology: The technology should be the easy part to all of this. In fact, the technology should run so seamlessly, your business has the time to focus primarily on the first two bullets mentioned above. Do you have a learning management system (LMS) in place that enables you to offer a variety of live webinars, webcasts, and on-demand programs within one platform, and also includes the continuing education features you need? Too many associations are using disparate, disconnected systems that are eating up time, dollars, and other resources that could be invested in developing impactful content.

Ready to dig even deeper? Join our live webinar, “Knowledge is Power: Association Education Trends” on Wednesday, April 26 at 2 p.m. ET to turn insight from our Member Professional Development Study into action.