Feel that autumn air creeping in? Before you know it, the leaves will begin falling, the hot summer sun will be gone, and school bells will be ringing across the country. Yep, it’s that time of year when the kiddos get back on the big yellow bus and parents (secretly) leap for joy as school begins again.

And, with glue, scissors, markers, and sharpened pencils on the forefront of everyone’s minds, there’s no better time for association professionals to think about what strategy you’re going to take to attract members focused on skipping that costly, higher education back-to-school path, and instead go “back to school” with your association via online learning offerings.


Ever try to build a stairway on your own? My husband and I recently did, and let’s just say I wish we hired a contractor. Regardless, thanks to YouTube, we magically were able to survive and now have new steps out to our patio. So why am I sharing this? The point being that due to that wonderful online information sphere, we were able to pull up a quick video, get the information we needed at precisely the moment we needed it, and learn a new skill that helped us become better DIYers.

Now, take this example and apply it to your members. Say, you’re a state bar association with a membership base made up of attorneys. What if you had an online library of short, easy-to-consume videos that helped an attorney interview for a job, or brush up on everything he needs to know to win a case?

Just-in-time learning is one of the latest, and definitely greatest, trends in online learning that organizations are embracing left and right to feed those want-it-now-and-fast members. It not only makes your association more sticky by becoming the search engine for career-based tips and tricks, but it also aligns with the professional development, career-advancement benefit that so many members are seeking from associations.


The trouble with offering just-in-time learning as a standalone offering is that most of the time credentialing and certification bodies have length and topic requirements that the content must meet to be approved. Which is why you should think of your just-in-time offerings as a breadcrumb trail to your library of credit-approved content.

Drive your members to the just-in-time content as a starting point, and include a promotion alongside that pushes the member to register for an upcoming, credit-approved webinar on the same topic, but with more meat.

By combining just-in-time learning with your library of more in-depth and credit-approved content, you’re checking off all of the right boxes for your members’ back-to-school needs, and saving them from actually having to go back to school! What could be a better marketing and member recruitment strategy than that?

Learn more about learning and credentialing best practices in our on-demand webinar, Next Generation Credentialing: Programming for the Future.