Like it or not, we’re living in a world in which huge companies like Amazon and Netflix are changing the way consumers shop. These big-name brands overwhelmingly demonstrate that they understand their customer on a much deeper level than ever before, and promise to make it as easy as possible for those customers to get the content or goods they want.

For instance, think of the last time you watched a movie or show on Netflix. When you finished watching that movie, Netflix immediately served up new content you might enjoy, based on your viewing history. And Amazon certainly doesn’t let their customers miss a beat. I recently shopped for a light set on Amazon that didn’t come with all of the necessary parts, but have no fear  Amazon recommended I add the supplemental parts to my cart before checking out. Thank you, Amazon.

So when it comes to your members, and your content for that matter, are you serving up that same easy-peasy, personalized shopping, and checkout experience?

Truthfully, this is a somewhat new-ish expectation of members, so if you’re just getting on board with this, not to worry. There are tons of opportunities to personalize your member and learner experience. And they may not be as challenging as you might think to implement.

Queue the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC). AARC is doing a kick-butt job at serving up the right content to its members, based on their unique certification needs.  “For example,” explains Shawna Strickland, Associate Executive Director of Education for AARC, “some of our members are pulmonary function technologists who have to pass a very detailed and difficult certification exam. To renew this certification, they have to earn 15 content-specific credits every five years. These are specialty credits that don’t apply to a lot of people, and are very difficult to find.”               

In response to this need, AARC developed a series of easily accessible and affordable educational courses focused on various aspects of pulmonary function testing. They packaged them together as a “re-credentialing bundle,” and offered a 10 percent discount to those who purchased a bundle.

This is just one of the many approaches your organization can take to jump on board the Netflix and Amazon bandwagon. Join our upcoming webinar on Thursday, February 9, as Abila’s Director of Client Success, Jessica Lane, digs into personalized learning with AARC’s Shawna Strickland. Click here to learn more and register. In the meantime, you can read AARC’s full success story here.