There are MERE DAYS left in 2015, and for whatever reason, your organization has done little to no end-of-year fundraising. You’re up a creek without a paddle. You’re doomed. Kiss all those end-of-year dollars goodbye.


There’s still hope! You can raise money before 2015 closes. Really – you can.

Here are five quick-turn tactics to get your slice of the end-of-year fundraising pie.

  1. Schedule a December 31 solicitation email. Be cognizant of donors who have already given in December and suppress them from this final day appeal. Remember, appeals with stories and visuals work best.
  2. Make calls to priority donors. Identify your five to 10 most-likely-to-give, and-give-generously donors, and get them on the phone. Lead with a thank you for their past support, and then remind them there’s still time to give before the end of the year. These are likely people who gave a large amount in December 2014, but haven’t made a donation yet this month.
  3. Post daily giving reminders on social media. Include thanks for gifts to-date, either highlighting specific donors or total dollars raised, your mission goals, and anticipated impact. And, remind your followers their gifts are what make your mission possible. If you will be out of the office for the holidays, you can schedule these reminders with simple social media management tools.
  4. Takeover out-of-office messages. Give all your colleagues a template for their holiday out-of-office message that includes a link to your online donation form. Be vigilant about adoption across the organization.
  5. Solicit your board members. If they weren’t on your priority call list (see #2, above), take a few minutes to speak with your board members this week. Express your appreciation for their service, share an impactful story, and encourage them to make a gift before the ball drops.

Whatever tactics you employ, the most important thing you can do, starting January 2 (you’re allowed one day off for New Year’s), is to thank and nurture those donors so you can retain them through 2016 and beyond.