Introducing Abila Millennium Version 2014

Today we are proud to announce Abila Millennium Version 2014. This jam packed release is providing our users with new features and back end work including increased security with the removal of some Java and updates to allow the use of the latest version of Java. I have an opportunity to meet with customers at the regional user group meetings, the national conference and in one-on-one visits and phone calls. Working directly with our customers allows me to determine what new features they would like to see in Millennium, and also if there are parts of the product that they would like to see work differently. In this release we were able to add several highly desired user enhancements including a new report search feature and the ability to default dates to the current date. One of the major aspects of this release was updates to our Mobile access. New functionality to mobile includes:

  • You can insert updates to constituents for correspondence.
  • You can add in a constituent address or email address via their mobile device.
  • Soft edit mobile will remain intact on mobile when you enter updates to phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses in mobile.

We have also enhanced our integrations with Millennium allowing users to integrate with the email vendor of their choice, and with the new version of Wealth Engine Version 8.

We love hearing from our Millennium users, and I look forward to continue to work with all of you in the future.