The evolution of technology, coupled with the massive amount of data to which organizations have access, can make any association staffer’s head spin. Your members are expecting you to understand them on a much deeper level than ever before, while your data continues to pile up to the point that analyzing it seems to be an insurmountable task you’re avoiding at all costs.

Although the vast amount of data available at your fingertips may seem overwhelming, if you can use your association management system (AMS) strategically, you can uncover a secret weapon – your Super Members.

Super Members are members who are not only engaging with your association, but are interacting in meaningful ways to help drive retention, attract new members, and ultimately fuel your core objectives. Abila’s Director of Product Marketing, Amanda Myers, recommends four key steps to discover those Super Members and measure your member engagement.

Step 1: Getting Started Data Points Assemble

Start by gathering all of the data housed in your AMS. Most associations are using pretty sophisticated software that can give you actionable data to increase member engagement. Before taking a deeper dive, Myers suggests identifying the data channels and data points you have available and the team members who are your in-house experts on capturing and managing data.

Step 2: Up, Up, and Away! The Metrics to Which You Should Pay Attention

Before you start trying to analyze everything to see how and why members are engaging with you, it’s critical to eliminate any excess “noise” distracting you from seeing the trees among the forest.

Each association is going to have its own definition of critical touch points, but some suggested guidelines for good measures of engagement include metrics related to an objective comparison between members, valuable insights to member preferences, data applicable across time, and a robust index allowing for identification of changes.

Examples include looking at a member’s involvement with volunteer activities and events, interactions on social media, participation in online learning courses, service on a committee, or e-commerce purchases.

Step 3: Scoring Metrics The Basics: Data Analysis Activate!

Once you’ve gathered all of the important metrics, you’ll need to figure out how to weigh what data points are the most indicative of strong engagement and represent your association’s priorities.

Work with your data team to create a “points” and/or ranking system to bring together all of the elements and present a comprehensive picture of what your association’s Super Members look like. An AMS, like Abila netFORUM Enterprise™, can offer tools such as A-Score™, a proprietary analytics model bringing measurable value by allowing associations to score, in real-time, the behavior of their members for renewal, donations, products purchased, events attended, committee and advocacy activities, and social behavior.

Step 4: Time for Action With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

All the member scoring and data analysis in the world won’t be worth a dime unless you put your findings into action. This then begs the question – What do I do with my Super Members once I’ve found them? After all, they’re already interacting with my association in a lot of meaningful ways, right?

Yes, and no! Reward your Super Members by giving them a more personalized experience like they’re getting from the for-profit organizations with which they interact, like Netflix and Amazon. And, ask Super Members to serve on boards and committees, chair events, reach out to new members to welcome them to the association, or act as subject matter experts in upcoming webinars and other online learning activities.

Get the full scoop on how to identify your association’s Super Members. Download the white paper, “Discovering Super Members: 4 Steps to Measure Member Engagement,” or watch the webinar, “Discover Super Members: Maximizing Your Data Strategy.”