Ever wonder what your association could be doing to better target your members and provide them with a better overall experience? According to a recent study, segmenting members based on their preferences is one of the best ways to demonstrate the value of your association and keep them engaged.

Think of experimenting with content segmentation like target practice eventually, you’ll figure out what works best for your association and will hit the bullseye, opening up all sorts of new avenues to engage members and drive revenue.

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) was facing the same problem as a lot of associations  how and where do you start gaining meaningful insights from your data to effectively target and segment members? By integrating with third-party applications and bringing their systems together, AGU was able to maximize the impact of all the data it had and became empowered to innovate and advance its mission. Read the full story for details on how your association can better target and segment your members for success.

Targeting and segmenting members is increasingly important, as society is becoming accustomed to having all the companies they interact with really “know” them. Think about when you log on to Amazon – it automatically makes suggestions based on your past purchases, keeps a list of what you’ve bought in the past so you don’t have to go searching through pages of inventory, and remembers your payment and shipping preferences. Amazon isn’t run by some wizard behind a curtain  it just knows how to maximize its data and segment its audiences to present targeted content. Associations have the power to do the same, all housed in your association management system (AMS).

You can start by targeting based on behavior you’ve witnessed, but you may also want to consider segmenting your audiences and developing messaging based on generation and career stage. In a recent Abila webinar, we discussed findings from our Member Engagement Study, and broke down channel and content preferences by generation. Watch the recording to see how your association can better target constituents and enhance the member experience.

Email is still king for delivering messages across all generations, but what members want to hear about and what they want to gain from their membership varies. Take a look at the trends we’ve identified and combine them with your own knowledge  after all, each association is as different as the members it serves.

What tips and tricks do you use to target and segment members? Share your ideas below!