When many Americans think about the Fourth of July, we tend to envision hot dogs, beaches, sparklers and fireworks. Even though many communities have banned citizens from setting off their own light displays, numerous local governments sponsor their own fireworks show.

However, in some regions, this might not be possible without sizable donations due to the state of the economy and local budgetary concerns. For instance, the people of Rochester, Minn., are hoping that funding picks up soon, or it doesn’t look like such a display is in the cards for this upcoming Independence Day, the Post Bulletin reported.

Mayor Ardell Brede told the news source that he needs to raise $35,000, but with less than a month away from the big night, the town only has $9,000 to use toward fireworks.

The people of Bainbridge Island, Wash., are faring a little better. The Bainbridge Island Review detailed that a fundraising campaign driven by nonprofit Bainbridge Fireworks has fulfilled $15,000 of the area’s $25,000 goal. Residents have been depositing money in collection jars which numerous individuals have posted in local cafes, shops and other venues to promote the celebration. There have also been donations at area banks and online.

Foundations and organizations that provide annual funding might benefit from nonprofit accounting software, which can help board members audit funds and make sure the correct amounts are being distributed to various programs each year.