With St. Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may have visions of winged cupids, long-stemmed red roses, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate dancing in your head.

We set aside this one day a year to express romantic love, with loads of commercialization and hoopla surrounding it. But if you think about it, your donors show you the love every single day with a lot less fuss. So, this year, highjack Valentine’s Day and consider ways to reciprocate that undying affection.

Here are four ideas …

  1. Make Them Feel Special

We all like to feel loved and appreciated once in a while. Show your donors you’re listening, you really know them, and understand their likes and dislikes. To do this, you need a donor management system that allows you to run reports showing patterns and trends among individuals and groups, connect constituent profiles in a way that demonstrates relationships, such as households and circles of influence; and document meeting, call, and email notes for information sharing across the organization.

  1. Get Engaged

No, not the “Will you marry me” type of engagement. We’re talking here about nurturing a deeper connection with your donors. Your donor management system should help you manage and engage members, as well as measure and analyze these relationships. This can help you create moves management programs, interactions, and services that are relevant and meaningful and ultimately, increase engagement.

  1. Send Little Love Notes

Nearly a quarter of donors say they were never thanked for their gift, while the rest usually receive a generic thank you “form letter.” That’s no way to make them feel loved. Instead why not thank your donors throughout the year with messages that show how much they mean to you.

  1. Share the Love

The number one thing donors want to know is the impact their dollars are making. Show them what you’ve accomplished with past contributions and what impact they’ll have with future donations. A great way to do this is by sharing a success story. Remember to make the story vivid and personal.