Selecting the best LMS (learning management system) for your association or nonprofit can be a daunting task. The market is brimming with endless options, and the lightning speed at which technology is advancing has us all spinning.

If your association management system (AMS) as the heart of your association, you might say the LMS is the brain. And, nobody wants an ill-functioning brain.

From The Savvy Association’s Guide to LMS Success, here are four questions to help you  identify the best LMS for your organization.

Does the LMS play nicely with others?

The best LMS options have open application programming interfaces (APIs) and can integrate with other applications, including your AMS. When you integrate your systems, you improve your members’ experience and reduce staff time spent on redundant data entry.

Can it embrace your brand?

The experience a member has when engaging with your association must be seamless. This includes everything from the act of registering for a course, to launching an online learning class, to downloading a certificate of completion. And, the LMS is the backdrop that impacts every single one of these touch points.

Is the LMS versatile?

Since learning can and often does include many components, such as an online course and an assessment, your LMS should be versatile and able to accommodate broad needs. Look for an LMS that can deliver live webinars and webcasts, stream on-demand webinars and webcasts, provide assessments and evaluations, and be accessible by members on desktops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Will the provider be a vendor or a partner?

The technology provider for your LMS can see themselves as a vendor (“Here’s a product! Have fun!”) or a partner (“Let’s work together to reach your goals.”). The experience for your staff is vastly different, depending on the philosophy of your provider. A true LMS partner will offer you training, support options, and even production services.

For more details on each of these, plus other considerations, download The Savvy Association’s Guide to LMS Success today.