There are countless trends swirling around the association market these days. However, only one specific membership perk scored in the top four reasons members join an association across all four generations surveyed in our recent Member Engagement StudyThat’s right we’re talking about credentialing, and as evident by the survey, credentialing is king these days.

Why is credentialing having such an impact on members? Well, just as members continue to look to associations to offer learning opportunities that allow them to fulfill their industry’s mandated continuing education requirements, professionals also want to advance in their careers. And, they need the credentials to do so.

Here are few things to consider when offering your members the royal, credentialing, treatment …

Implement an Online Credentialing Course

Building a course that includes several sessions, topics, and presenters can be challenging, nevermind asking your members to travel to an on-site location to complete course and paying the overhead costs of reserving a venue, classroom, etc. Instead, consider designing, delivering, and archiving a course online for the purposes of scalability and ease of access for your members.

Credential vs. Certificate

There are alternative options to offering your members a credential, depending on the industry you’re in. Typically, organizations need to work with an accrediting body to certify a course being offered meets the requirements of a specific credential, which is definitely worth doing if your organization has the resources and time.

However, if you’re just getting started, consider offering members a certificate program you design and approve on your own. The difference is, by offering a certificate program, you’re certifying that members have completed a course; whereas with a credential, the accrediting body is certifying that member has not only completed the course, but has a specific level of knowledge as a result. Both are nice-to-haves for members, and supply them with a certificate they can share with their employers.

Micro and Stackable Learning

Another path to consider if you or your members are not ready to dive into lengthy credentialing courses is to offer the credentials in small pieces that members can build up, or stack, over time. Micro learning is a huge trend nowadays, focused on the idea that people enjoy consuming knowledge in small and easy-to-absorb chunks. This ties nicely into the idea of stackable credentials, where your learners literally complete sub-sections of your overarching credential over time.

Ready to Learn More?

Join our webinar, Credentialing is King: Make All Members Love Learning, Thursday, October 13, with industry veterans and owners of the Limitless Association Solution Resources, Keith and Adrienne Segundo. We’ll dig into these three trends, and much more!