If you’ve been following Patrick Dorsey’s “Countdown to AUDC13” series of videos, you might already have surmised that our Avectra Users and Developers’ Conference is kind of a big deal for us. Something we think about, to some degree, all year ‘round, whether it’s contemplating the one that just passed or planning for the next one.

It’s only 80 days to AUDC, so this week we let more of our friendly (and knowledgeable) Avectrans (including our CEO!) get in on the act and we proudly present our Top Ten Reasons to Attend AUDC13.

I hope you’ll leave us a comment telling us your own top reason to attend AUDC13. Oh and please feel free to talk about us – on Facebook and Twitter #AUDC13



p.s. This is the director’s cut, so stay with it right to the end to catch the best part.

Need more reasons to attend AUDC? Check out some others, and our justification letter.

Video courtesy of Rich Johnson, Avectra