The saying, “Content is King” is so last year. Because, now we know, “Content is Money.”

Released just last week, the Donor Loyalty Study reports that 72 percent of donors say poor content could make them stop giving to a specific nonprofit. That’s right – seven out of 10 donors!

Content is Money

Now for the million dollar question: What is poor content, and how do you avoid it?

The two biggest offenders in the bad content bucket are “too vague” (35 percent) and “about programs I’m uninterested in” (25 percent). This makes perfect sense when you think about it. Nobody ever said, “That content was so vague – I feel inspired!” Or, “Wow – I’m really uninterested in that program, I’m going to make a donation!”

As a fundraiser and communicator, it’s your job to make sure your content is specific and interesting. If you use the old “spray and pray” communication method, trying to make one piece of content everything to everyone, you’re doomed to be both vague and uninteresting. Instead, identifying specific segments and personas built on the data of interests, past giving, event attendance, volunteer roles, etc., will allow you to create content that inspires your donors and builds their commitment to your cause.

So, there you go – one paragraph on everything you need to know about donor loyalty and content. Sufficient right?

Just kidding.

In our recorded webinar, Digging Deeper into Donor Loyalty, we looked more at content to avoid, strategies for good content, and a slew of other donor preferences as found in the Donor Loyalty Study.