My son is an American Ninja Warrior FANATIC. He’s 6-years-old, and having to wait a week for each new episode this past season was a little like torture. He would watch with rapt attention, cheering each contestant on, devastated for them if they fell short of the goal. It was adorable to watch, but also inspiring. What is it about watching your average Joe or Jane work hard to overcome obstacles and accomplish a goal?

In play and in work, obstacles are ever-present. And often, we must plow through challenges with our heads down, day-in and day-out, because we lack the time to step back, take a deep breath, and analyze the situation.

So, what are the biggest challenges facing nonprofits today? We turned to one of our Abila Business Partners, Mike Renner of WAC Solution Partners, for some answers.

According to Renner, nonprofits today are facing the challenge of finding the right people to fill important roles. “It’s an applicant’s market compared to five years ago,” he says. “Today, there are maybe five jobs and there’s one applicant.” That challenge is further complicated by the inadequate systems with which many nonprofits are forced to work. “Once you find the right person, getting him or her trained on clunky, antiquated tools can be a challenge.”

Renner said that when hiring new talent, organizations focus on getting people in the job and up to speed quickly. That leaves little time to reexamine existing processes to determine if they’re still working.

Renner paints a typical scenario: “Sally was the controller here, but she left six months ago. All the processes she put in place are still being followed, because that’s the way they’ve always been done. You need to take the time to look at your processes first, and then get your people trained.”

Once you have looked at your processes and hired new talent, you need to make sure you have the right tools.

Though working through obstacles can feel overwhelming, there’s no doubt that the exhilaration of reaching a goal cannot be beat—for those in the trenches AND those cheering from the sidelines.

Abila Business Partners, including WAC Solution Partners, resell and implement many of Abila’s software products, including MIP Fund Accounting™. They are trusted experts who possess strong backgrounds in the industries we serve, and they’re very well-versed in the challenges and goals of nonprofit organizations.