It’s National Philanthropy Day! Woohoo! Pop open the bubbly, enjoy a pedicure, take yourself out for a round of golf. CELEBRATE, people!

Hold on what? Oh, that’s the WRONG kind of celebrating (but, save those ideas for your birthday).

As the Association for Fundraising Professionals says, “NPD is also a grassroots movement to increase public interest and awareness of the importance of philanthropy, as well as knowledge on giving, volunteering, and engagement at the charitable level so people can practice EFFECTIVE philanthropy.”

With that in mind, celebrate National Philanthropy Day in the way it was meant to be celebrated. Here are three ideas for how you and your nonprofit could celebrate.

Thank Your Donors

It is literally never a bad idea to say, “Thank you.” Add to the warm fuzzy feelings by spending NPD saying thank you to your donors. It could be a great opportunity to host a phone thank-a-thon. As a bonus, it’s a nice warm up to the end-of-year fundraising season on which you’re about to embark.

Pitch the Local News

Since raising awareness is a big part of NPD, see if a local news outlet will help you spread the word about philanthropy results and opportunities in your community through a news story. This is especially appropriate for community action agencies and foundations or your local AFP chapter.

Treat Your Staff

Being an entry-level fundraiser is no joke. And, with 84 percent of nonprofits reporting no employee retention strategy, turnover is a harsh reality. Do your part by taking this day to thank and spoil your fundraising staff. From a heartfelt thank you card to a nice lunch out to an afternoon delivery of warm cookies, your appreciation as their leader will be meaningful.