Have you ever considered what it would be like if nonprofits didn’t exist? The world as we know it would be a much different place. Can you imagine the hopeless feeling when natural disasters strike and no one is there to provide a helping hand? What if there were no voices for the hungry, the trafficked, and the impoverished? What if the cries of injustice were ignored? Dare I say that nonprofits are the heartbeat of all that is good in this world?

It all begins with a selfless individual or group of people who see a need and ask themselves, “What can I do to meet this need?” Compassion takes root and passion is birthed. These are the people who I call difference-makers. World-changers. The kind of people who leave a mark long after they’re gone. The kind of people I want to be like and to call friends.

Anything worthwhile usually comes at great cost. Such is the case in the nonprofit arena. More times than not it takes a lot of people to see a dream realized. It takes resources and manpower to bring it to fruition. Perseverance and determination are requirements to go from dream to destiny. It certainly is not for the weak and easily discouraged. But, oh how rewarding when the vision is caught and the thing conceived in the heart brings forth life!

As I consider my part in the nonprofit world, I count it one of my greatest joys to help in some small way by enabling worthy organizations to run more smoothly and efficiently. I have been blessed to meet and work with some of the most amazing people whose highest goal is to serve others. I hold these people in the highest regard. Through the years I have personally witnessed the impact our clients are making. As a company we have made it a priority to link arms with them and serve.

While in India, I met an amazing couple who have dedicated their lives to helping people in the slums. One of their greatest desires is to see the children in the slums receive an education that will enable them to get reputable jobs. Today more than 4,000 children are enrolled in their schools receiving uniforms, school supplies, and food.

They shared with me the plight of widowed women who often show up at their doorstep begging for food for their children. I couldn’t get the image of that out of my mind. I felt a tug at my heart telling me we had to do something to help. Our company made it our mission to begin a feeding program to provide food for the widows and orphans. We have been given much, and we feel strongly to whom much is given, much is required. It is with great joy that we get to be a part of this organization and others like it. The saying is so true: “We can’t do it all, but we all can do something.”

About the Author
Glenn Stephens, CPA, works at ProSoft Solutions, Abila’s Partner of the Month for October 2016. Each month, Abila recognizes a top Business Partner, based on its continued support of our clients. Abila Business Partners are trusted experts authorized to resell and implement one or more Abila products.