Tired of cookie-cutter fundraising recommendations? Because they don’t take your specific fundraising practices into account, they simply can’t help you raise more dough (sorry, couldn’t resist).

You don’t lack originality. Your ideas aren’t mass-produced. And, your fundraising strategies are anything but simple and uniform! So, we’ve created the Fundraising Advisor to give you strategies, tactics, and tips based on what your fundraising department is actually doing!

Answer the Fundraising Advisor’s six questions about your organization’s practices, and you’ll get a personalized infographic with tailored ideas for:

  • Communication channel and frequency
  • Successful online engagement and fundraising
  • Effective event fundraising
  • Impactful thank you notes
  • Donor data collection and management

It’s fun, fast, and easy. Take the quiz now!

Image via sigmamarketing.