There’s perhaps not a more opportune time to discuss long-lasting relationships than the morning after the Bachelorette season finale. We’ve witnessed tears (poor Derek), terrible behavior (good riddance, Chad), and enough family drama to hold us over to the next season of House of Cards (why so cryptic, Jordan!).

That being said, we’ve also witnessed a valuable strategy that, if employed correctly, directly influences your relationships with your members. Relationships are serious business. Organizations want their members in it for the long haul, and just like any successful union, this requires shared values and meaningful communication. For example, how would JoJo know who to keep through the rose ceremony without professions of undying love? Moreover, if Jordan hadn’t broken down and communicated with JoJo’s father about his desire to marry her, what kind of predicament would we be in today?

For organizations, a value proposition begins with understanding what benefits members want and need to continue their partnership, and this is no easy task. According to our most recent Member Engagement Study, when it comes to communicating value, professional organizations put too much emphasis on meetings and conferences, as well as advocacy. Meanwhile, there’s too little emphasis on job opportunities, credentialing, and certifications, as well as standards and ethics.

In fact, Millennials, Generation Xers, and Matures all identify credentialing and training in the top three of “most important benefits.” Members want to learn and grow, and just like JoJo’s suitors, quickly progress through their career paths. Online learning isn’t just a “nice to have,” it’s an imperative. Yet, coupling this opportunity with actionable programming may seem daunting.

Luckily, we can help. Please join us next Monday, August 8 for, “Association Matchmaker: Building Lifelong Learning Relationships with Members,” a webinar with Abila’s Director of Member Strategy, Amanda Myers. She’ll discuss:

  • Learning trends from Abila’s Member Engagement Study
  • Strategies to blend continuing education with professional development
  • Tactics to design attractive credentialing and certification programs

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to give members the valuable online learning experiences they crave!