Well, it certainly was not a slow week in news, even with the long holiday weekend! With the news breaking late last week that Blackbaud was discontinuing Common Ground, the nonprofit industry has been looking for answers. Our own Jay Love provided some of his initial thoughts, as did Heller Consulting and Groundwire. We’re going to keep a close eye on this, and please feel free to share your thoughts below.

Some other articles that caught our eye this week…

Beth Kanter is always a great resource for nonprofit and fundraising professionals. She had two recent posts that provided interesting examples for nonprofits using social media. The first – Does Your Nonprofit Have a Social Media Strategy? is a wonderful reminder to approach social media with a plan. Also, your nonprofit might use Pinterest, but Is Instagram Useful for Nonprofits? Yes! Many charitable organizations are using Instagram to provide a new hue to their heart-warming photographs.

It came and went quickly, but many are still cleaning up after Hurricane Isaac. Charity Navigator reminds us of their tips for giving in times of crisis. Among them, make sure you’re giving to an established charity, avoid telemarketers, and don’t send supplies.

Everybody loves having a celebrity endorsement, but make sure that your reasons for giving and supporting your cause are aligned. Colleen Dilen Schneider shares the Top 5 Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Attempting to Engage Celebrities.

(Photo Credit: Crowdrise)

Have you wondered whether online giving matters? A recent report by Network for Good says that the online giving experience matters, and they have the data to prove it. Check out the report, and think about how your organization’s branded donation page is creating a great giving experience for your constituents.

Razoo gets it. (As evidenced by their raising $100M this year for 14,000 organizations) This post shows how fundraising is really all about People First, Dollars Next. It’s the relationship, not the money.

Speaking of the fact that it’s all about the people, Humanize co-author Jamie Notter has a new post about the blurring line between nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Is it true? Are nonprofits becoming more like associations, and are for-profits becoming more like nonprofits? Is the world just all mixed up with social good for all? What do you think?

Be informed about the nonprofit sector in America, with this new report (and infographic) on America’s nonprofits.

And finally, we’re glad that other people are seeing the link between using social media and CRM together as a new way to segment constituents. As a follow-up, make sure that you know how to strategically select a social CRM for the future of your nonprofit.