Richard Davis, Chairman and CEO of Avectra, shares his news and views from inside Avectra, well as the association and nonprofit world at large.

Some people say “engagement” has become an over-used term but, nonetheless, we all still want to know where we stand with members and donors (or in my case, customers). Because after all, if our constituents are not “engaged” with us, why should they remain constituents. Over-used or not, engagement is still crucial to the health and survival of any organization.

So we were very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with NTEN to carry out an extensive two-part Donor/Member/Constituent Engagement Survey. We surveyed more than 200 nonprofit and association communications and fundraising professionals to find out how they are tracking, measuring, and using constituent engagement data. It seemed only fitting that the findings of such an auspicious study should be presented creatively, so we published the first part of the study as an infographic. The second part – which took a deeper look at how organizations manage engagement data internally, was presented in the form of a white paper.

Both the infographic and white paper have generated a lot of interest and so if you’ve been the least bit curious about how your organization is doing with member/donor engagement and perhaps how it compares to other organizations, this is a must-read for you.

AUDC 14 We’re already thinking about how to make AUDC14 the best one ever. It will be our tenth Avectra Users and Developers Conference so it’s even more significant than usual and we certainly hope you can join us to celebrate, network, be inspired and of course, leave ready to tackle any task with your Avectra Social CRM. Stay tuned for updates on the conference and start thinking about who else (in addition to you, of course) at your organization would really benefit from attending.


 Raising Awareness Is a Natural Fit for Avectra

Some things just go together. Purple is the official color of Avectra, in fact, it’s more of a culture than a color around here. Many of our staff members wear purple attire daily around the office so Putting on Purple (POP) for Lupus is a great fit for us and a great way to raise awareness of this terrible disease. I hope you enjoy these photos of Avectrans at two of our offices supporting the cause.Put on Purple McLean           Maitland POP Day









We had a great turnout for the 2013 Ride to Work Day on May 17th too.

Ride to work Three of our staffers who are committed to riding their bikes to work every day will be taking part in the Climate Ride from New York City to Washington, DC in September. Watch for more news of their commitment to a carbon-free commute and how you can support them (via their Ideastarter™ project page) as they tackle the 350-mile journey.






Getting your Summer Ideas Started

In my blog last month I talked about IdeaStarter™ our crowd-contributing option and how it can be used to raise funds, sign up volunteers, secure supplies and even request introductions or connections. The summer is the perfect time to take on outdoor clean-up projects, back-to-school fundraisers, or really anything you want to accomplish, so please consider using IdeaStarter to help you achieve your summertime (and beyond) goals. If you’d like to learn more, we’re offering free webinars on crowd-contributing throughout the summer – sign up for one now.

Success With Avectra Technology (SWAT) Days

Our SWAT day in Michigan last month was a huge success and we got wonderful feedback from the participants:

“Real life questions – answered right away – which allowed us to make updates to our database making this a great productive experience. I would highly recommend SWAT!”

“Seven of our staff members attended the recent SWAT class in Livonia, Michigan. It was excellent!

“We walked away with not only ideas for new internal processes, but also solutions to problems we didn’t even realize we had. The mantra for the two days seemed to be “I didn’t know we could do that…that is so much better!”

“The SWAT training was just what our company needed to help answer questions and expand our understanding and knowledge of Avectra’s Social CRM. Barbara’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the product was evident and extremely beneficial in showing us how to do more with our CRM which will ultimately lead to better service to our members.”

“The face-to-face training was far more valuable than other formats.”

We have a number of SWAT training days planned, so if you feel you and your colleagues could benefit from some specialized training and the opportunity to ask very specific questions, just sign up. Or, if you’d like to learn more about hosting your very own SWAT day at your location, just contact us (

Catch Us At Industry Events

Pausing only for a cold drink and perhaps a round of golf, our intrepid booth warriors will be taking to the road for several industry events in the upcoming months. We’ll attend five industry events in July alone! And of course you’ll see us at ASAE Annual in August. Look for more details of that in next month’s newsletter.

Howie and Tom in the booth   Jay and Griff in a booth


Visit our website for the current schedule of nonprofit events and association events where you’ll find the Purple Crew.




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And in closing I’d like to wish you and yours a Wonderful July 4th Holiday! Lady liberty