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Nonprofit Finance Pros: What You Won’t Want to Miss at Xperience 2019


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8 MIP Hands-On Lab Sessions!
7 Fundraising Sessions!
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Preventing Fraud at Your Nonprofit


Last year at this time, I wrote a blog and shared the definitions of fraud, and whether incidences were unintentional and/or intentional. My observations here are similar; however, what has changed is the uptick in fraud incidences, due to the increase in nationally-based nonprofit organizations. In this blog about fraud, let’s look at the latest …

Kick Off the Fiscal Year Right!


Financial leaders know the annual budget is critical for understanding where your nonprofit organization is going and how you’ll get there. A poorly developed budget can diminish opportunities and threaten your success. But a well-planned budget will position you, your team and organization in the right spot. In this blog, we’ve included helpful tips to make …

Are You Ready for Your Next Nonprofit Audit?


Whether you’re an old hand at conducting audits for your nonprofit, or you’re leading your first audit, it’s always good to check against best practices. We understand that an audit can be a painful task, so we’ve included several steps you can follow to help alleviate the stress.

Some of the important steps include selecting the …

3 Ideas to Help Your Nonprofit Blossom This Spring


 Just like the recent time change – “Spring forward” – it’s time to brush off our snow boots, pull out our light jackets, and put on the sunshine! Working at nonprofit organizations can be for a heavy cause, but that doesn’t mean we have to wear it like a winter coat. With the launch of …

Good Data = Good Reports for Nonprofits


With 30 years supporting nonprofit accounting professionals, we understand the need for you to be able to report the financial health of your organization out to your board, executives, and donors quarterly, monthly, or even on the fly. Do you have confidence in your ability to deliver on these asks?

If you’re using multiple tools to …

Nonprofit Budgeting Maintenance Guide – Your New Year Best Practices


Closing out the nonprofit 2018 budget and setting up the 2019 budget is not an easy task when you have multiple stakeholders and processes. We understand that a successful budget is carefully crafted and implemented by a thorough nonprofit budget team, then cautiously monitored and continuously updated throughout the year to reflect inevitable changes affecting …

Nonprofit Finance Study: What You Need to Know


Community Brands surveyed more than 300 nonprofit finance professionals across nearly every vertical – including social services, education, and healthcare. We discovered that growth, while broadly defined, is very important to most nonprofit organizations. And, the search for additional revenue dollars (whether from donations, grants, services, or other sources) is constant.

Download “Nonprofit Finance Study: The Dynamics …

Staying Afloat During Nonprofit Fiscal Year-End


Need a buoy to survive the fiscal year-end riptide?

When most professionals are enjoying the workplace calm during the holidays, nonprofit finance and accounting professionals are prepping for the tsunami of closing the books and planning for next year – not to mention reviewing budgets, preparing for an audit, pulling together the annual report, and that’s …

What Does Growth Mean to Nonprofit Financial Professionals?


There’s no question, growth is important to most nonprofit organizations, no matter the mission or the size. Although the search for new ways to generate revenue and respond to growth-related challenges continues, your peers have shared their perspectives on how to best adapt and adopt best practices. Here’s a sneak peek at the key findings …