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Discovering Super Members: 4 Steps to Measure Member Engagement


The evolution of technology, coupled with the massive amount of data to which organizations have access, can make any association staffer’s head spin. Your members are expecting you to understand them on a much deeper level than ever before, while your data continues to pile up to the point that analyzing it seems to be …

Onboarding New Members in 10 Simple Steps


Members are the backbone of any association – they’re the reason your organization exists. In many professions, membership to an association is mandatory, but the majority of association members out there join for networking, access to industry publications, status, or for discounted continuing education from a trusted source.

It’s becoming increasingly important for associations to demonstrate …

Next Generation Credentialing: Programming for the Future


It’s no secret the association eLearning environment is experiencing its own form of global warming. The climate and atmosphere of online learning, certification, and credentialing are heating up, and changing rapidly. Association professionals need to embrace this change rather than ignore it just to keep pace with competitors like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), free courses from educational …

Are You Onboarding for New Member Success?


A new member joins your association – great news! She’s probably joined for any number of reasons: networking opportunities, industry news and highlights, certification and credentialing, or maybe membership to your organization is a prerequisite for her job. Whatever the reason, she is now a part of your association, and you have a limited window of …

Creating Impactful Credentialing Programs with the Right Systems and Processes


What do you get when you combine 15 years of association sector experience with 19 years of laughs and love? The powerhouse duo of Keith and Adrienne Segundo. Partners in business and life, Keith Segundo, President/CEO, and Adrienne Segundo, Chairman/COO are the brains and brawn behind Limitless Association Solution Resource, a consulting firm helping associations …

Be a Virtual Survivor: How to Effectively Manage Telecommuters and Virtual Teams


The Abila User and Development Conference (AUDC 2016) ended on a high note this year, wrapping with what was definitely the most interactive, engaging, and fun session I attended the entire week, “Virtual Survivor – Keeping Your Team Working Together After They’ve Left the Island!” Rebecca Achurch of Achurch Consulting, Kelly Hansen with Association Engine, …

Bridging the Association Membership and Content Gap


Are you starting to feel like your association has more content (ebooks, textbooks, webinars, journals, mass publications, etc.) than you can effectively push out to your members? Well, you’re not alone! As technology evolves and demographics change, intellectual property seems to be getting pulled into a black hole. So, what are you supposed to do …

Be Their eLearning Valentine – Capture Your Members’ Hearts in 3 Steps


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And, in the spirit of sharin’ the love, Abila is gearing up for a special webinar for those we care about in the association sector: Be Their eLearning Valentine – Capture Your Members’ Hearts in 3 Steps!

Erika Simmons, Marketing Manager at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and Abila’s very …

Appreciate a Community Manager Today!


It’s time to celebrate the people behind the scenes of your favorite online communities – the often overlooked online community manager! Today marks the 7th anniversary of Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD).

The 24-hour event takes place both online and in many cities across the United States, where live events are being held to recognize the …

Find Out How This Nonprofit Organization Automated Its Certification Process


Embracing new technology may seem more easily said than done, especially in areas like certification where “paper and pen” methodologies were the standard for so long.

Case in point: The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) wanted to transition an entirely paper-based certification process into an online process with a high level of transparency and applicant …