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As a Product Marketing Manager, I communicate the benefits of our innovative software solutions to nonprofit, association, and government professionals. I’ve been in the nonprofit technology market for nearly a decade, specializing in integrated fundraising and financial solutions. I’m a native Tar Heel, but have recently moved to Austin, Texas, with my wife Whitney and three young kids who have little choice than to become Longhorn fans, as well.

Preparing to Survive a Nonprofit Audit with Technology


Successfully crossing the finish line of a nonprofit audit requires ongoing discipline and intensive preparation from your finance team. In a recent Abila study of nonprofit finance professionals, more than half reported spending two-plus weeks preparing for an audit! To help you along the journey, your financial accounting system is a companion in which you …

Deregulation in the Trump Administration Will Likely Impact Nonprofits


It’s only been a month since President Donald Trump was sworn into office, and it’s clear campaign promises for big changes are coming to fruition. Presidents are typically judged on their actions within their first 100 days in office, and the new administration may set records for change enacted via executive orders and legislation.

For nonprofit …

2017 Nonprofit Finance Prediction: Structural Staffing Changes and the Overtime Rule


As we kick off 2017, both traditional and social media are inundating us with coverage about “jobs, jobs, jobs” – the focal point for the incoming Trump administration. Late last week, Amazon announced plans to hire 100,000 new jobs over the next two years. This comes on the heels of manufacturing companies like Ford and …

10-Point Checklist To Help Nonprofits Prepare for FLSA Overtime Rule Change


In just about two weeks’ time, the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rule changes will officially go into effect.

It’s clear, the new overtime rule is going to have an impact on the nonprofit sector. And, having recently spoken at the Nonprofit Finance Summit in Washington, D.C. – just blocks from the White …

Compliance and Personnel Big Concerns for Nonprofit Finance Leaders


This summer, we surveyed more than 400 nonprofit finance and accounting professionals to ask them about the challenges they’re experiencing and the trends they’re seeing with compliance, process, and personnel. We recently released the results in our 2016 Nonprofit Finance Study, which has generated a lot of buzz in the short time since its launch.

Last …

The Politics of the New Overtime Rule


In June, we launched our series on the Department of Labor’s revised Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules on overtime pay. The DOL projects this change could impact more than 4 million American workers when it goes into effect December 2016. In Part II of our series, we explored the uncertainty behind this change and …

Uncertainty Looms Over Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Change


Last month we launched our series on the Department of Labor’s revised Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules on overtime pay. The DOL projects this change could impact more than 4 million American workers when goes into effect, December 2016. In Part II of our series, we explore how this translates to the nonprofit sector, …

What Does the Department of Labor’s “New Deal” Mean for The Nonprofit Sector? Part I


The Fair Labor Standards Act overtime regulation updates are fast approaching – going into effect December 2016. Because this is such an important topic for nonprofits, our Forward Together bloggers will give it extensive attention in a series of posts leading up to implementation. Part I is an overview.

In mid-May, the …

Use Your Form 990 for More than Just Government Compliance


Each April 15, millions of tax-paying (and, possibly tax-fearing?) Americans know their income taxes must be filed. There was a bit of a reprieve this year, however, as Emancipation Day provided an April 15 holiday for federal workers in Washington, D.C., and the deadline was extended to the following Monday.

While individual taxpayers rejoiced over this …

Benefits of Filing Tax Documents Electronically


Growing up in a small town I was a frequent visitor to the local public library. What’s not to like when you get to read unlimited (and often exotic) magazines and check out books, all with just a laminated card and promise to return? At the start of each calendar year, I remember the librarians …