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Strategic Questions Equal Mission Quality


Virtually all of you reading this post are either on a nonprofit board, work with a nonprofit board or are responsible for a nonprofit board. I have certainly been all three over the last thirty years as key technology provider, board chair, charity founder and board member.

I think this article written by Warren Berger, which …

Sharing May Be A Lost Art in Technology


Some of you are aware that last year I joined Avectra , a marvelous technology firm that provides database solutions to the nonprofit sector. This in and of itself is not strange, since I have been part of several similar technology firms over the largest portion of my career.  In fact, virtually all of them …

Turn Donor Data into Actionable Data


I hope the title of this post caught your attention because actionable can mean so many different things to each of us. Since I tend to be based in reality and in particular immersed in trying to make Nonprofit CRM systems come to life, I will be focusing on why actionable data leads to higher …

My Top Five Methods to Urge Donors to Give in 2013


Many of you know I am a technology vendor who has served the nonprofit sector for three decades. So what I am about to say will surprise most of you and hopefully be insightful to many.

No, I’m not going to outline how technology and database tools can make all of the difference in achieving the …

A Little Old and a Little New – My Nonprofit Predictions for 2013


We will soon be seeing and hearing many a synopsis of 2012, and perhaps even more predictions for 2013 as we approach year’s end.  Mine may surprise you a bit because even though I am a current and long-time member of the technology vendor group serving the charity world, my thoughts regarding next year are …

Introducing Bloomerang


You may have seen the announcement today on my new venture, Bloomerang. I’m so glad that Avectra and I will continue to work together to bring an even better solution to the market.

As you know, the fundraising industry is my passion, and I could not just “rest on my laurels” as they say and watch …

Why Avectra


This rhetorical question can be asked and answered from several angles. Obviously, Avectra is a huge success and a household name in the association marketplace. When you successfully meet the needs of nearly 1,600 clients, while continually innovating, you truly become a trusted partner. So some would say why ask the question at all.

However, I keep …

Do We Really Want to Say “May the ‘Force’ Be With You”? (Part Two)


My last post posed several key questions regarding the immense generosity of the Salesforce.com Foundation. So far I’ve only received a few emails from people commenting on my post; with none of them answering the questions in any manner. My father always said the problem wih tough questions is nobody wants to answer …

Do We Really Want To Say “May The Force Be With You”? (Part One)


For the millions of Star Wars fans out there please forgive me for borrowing a title which might lead to a few more readers of this blog post.  I am not writing about  that wonderful series of films, but to share some insights and my opinion on what is the best option for the hundreds …

Common Ground Grounded by Blackbaud, But Why?


During a meeting with Robert in person last week, as part of my new SVP role with Avectra, he pointed out his blog post on Blackbaud killing off Common Ground and stated there just might be some interesting and thought provoking comments.  Robert, you sure hit that nail on the head! I cannot sit on the …