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7 Ways to Incorporate Just-in-Time Learning Today


In the real world, we experience just-in-time learning every day. Think back to the last time you Googled a question and got the answers you were looking for … that experience was just-in-time learning in action. This expectation of receiving specific, applicable information that can be put to use right away also applies to how your members expect …

Riding the Winds of Change at ACLEA’s Annual Meeting


The Community Brands team is heading to ACLEA’s 55th Annual Meeting in Chicago July 27-30. This year’s theme is, “Winds of Change,” with programs designed to inform on the latest industry shifts and trends and give attendees the tools to make a difference in their organization. Here are some of the sessions I …

Demonstrate Your Association’s Value With Help From Software World


Client success initiatives have become very popular in the software space over the last five years. Client/customer success is defined as, “a business methodology of ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your product or service. Customer success is relationship-focused client management, that aligns client and vendor goals for mutually beneficial outcomes.”  

Leveraging Learning to Increase Non-Dues Revenue


For associations, non-dues revenue (funds from sources other than membership fees) is a crucial component for weathering periods of flat or declining membership. Growing this form of revenue is of particular importance to small associations. In fact, in the Community Brands 2019 Benchmark Report: Small-Staff Associations, 70 percent of respondents list increasing non-dues revenue as …

Community Brands New Research Study: A Must-Read for Small-Staff Associations!


As a professional at a small staff association you undoubtedly have lots of balls in the air at any given time. You are charged with increasing member engagement, running meetings and events, collaborating with the board, developing strategic plans, managing publications, creating meaningful learning content for your members, and so much more.  

Community Brands set out to understand …

Kiss your Online Learning Struggles Goodbye


In my day-to-day here at Community Brands I spend a lot of time talking with continuing education professionals about taking their online learning strategy to the next level and growing their success. Time and time again when speaking with prospects I hear the same pain points. Tell me if any of these issues sound familiar:
“We …

Tips for Avoiding Content Deal Breakers


In dating, we all have our list of relationship deal breakers. For example, perhaps an unemployed smoker who hates dogs and never wants kids wouldn’t make the cut for you. Like it or not, everyone’s got their non-negotiables when it comes to choosing a partner. And, choosing education is not all that different. Members can …

Taking CLE to the Next Level at ACLEA Mid-Year


The Community Brands team is heading to ACLEA’s 55th Mid-Year Meeting this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. This year’s theme is “CLE Rising: Better, Stronger, Inspired,” with programming to engage attendees and encourage growth both personally and professionally. Here are some of the sessions I have circled on my agenda.
Session: Resurrect Your Content for New Audiences; …

Incorporating Sponsors Into Your Live Online Events: A Win-Win!


According to the 2018 Tagoras Virtual Events Report, 72 percent of the organizations that have held virtual events in the past didn’t incorporate sponsor or exhibitor fees. It’s hard to believe, considering how crucial sponsors and exhibitors are for hosting in-person events like conferences and annual meetings.  

Now is the time to give your partners additional, valuable sponsorship options in your virtual events, similar …

Learning Programs From the Future


At this year’s Learnapalooza conference I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop to attendees on meeting the needs of multimodal learners. As a part of this content creator’s deep dive, the group participated in an Innovation Game titled, “Remember the Future.”

In this exercise I asked them to think ahead to five years in the …