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How to Use SCORM to Sell Your Content to Other Organizations Without Giving Up Full Rights


Have you ever had someone from another organization ask to buy your content to host on their own learning management system (LMS)? Were you hesitant to sell out and give them full rights? Did you do it anyway? Or did you pass up the opportunity to create an additional stream of revenue? New technology, called SCORM …

How to Deliver Impactful, Engaging Webinars


For organizations of all sizes, webinars are a powerful way to deliver content. Even with tight budgets and packed schedules, learners can jump on the web to engage with your organization and learn more about a topic that piques their interest.

Although it’s easy for the end-user, for the organization delivering the webinar, there is a …

4 Steps to Unraveling the Secrets of Integration Success


Buzzword bingo is a joke for a reason.

When I first started working for a technology company, the acronyms and buzzwords were flying. There were terms unique to the nonprofit sector, others that spoke to specific features, functions or types of code but, over and over, the one I heard the most was “integration.”

Seems straightforward enough, …

5 Ways to Recruit, Retain, and Receive Revenue from Millennials


Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce, according to Pew Research. So, it’s no wonder everyone’s trying to crack the Mysterious Millennial Code – from businesses hoping to hire them, to retailers trying to grab a share of their collective wallet, to member-based associations looking to recruit and retain them.

With a decline in membership …

How Do Associations Select Software Without an RFP?


Identifying a new piece of technology is a lot like dating – you can’t always predict compatibility, and by the time you realize it’s not a match, it’s often too late. When looking for a new learning management system (LMS), it’s common practice for an association to send out a request for proposal (RFP) to …

Take Your Conference to the Next Level with Session Bookmarking


As our calendars and workloads are starting to punctuate, we’re entering “Conference Season!” When it comes to annual conferences, the value proposition is a no brainer. Associations across the country are hosting events to give members the opportunity to network, learn valuable industry trends, and oftentimes earn continuing education credits.

Members are paying precious dollars to …

DIY Webinars May be Saving You Money, But Are They Costing You Your Reputation?


Does this typical do-it-yourself webinar scenario sound familiar? You’ve begun the live hosted webinar with 200+ learners on the line. All good. Suddenly, the phones start ringing and your staff is frantically trying to resolve technology issues on the learners’ end that are totally beyond your control. NOT good!

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many …