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Old Paywalls and New Membership Models


Associations aren’t the only ones trying to identify membership models that are still alluring and valuable enough to attract and retain their target audiences. Many media platforms are moving beyond the traditional paywall or metered model to a membership model.

Slate is the latest media company to join the membership crowd. A few days ago the …

Awesomely Simple Ways to Create a Successful Workplace & Association


ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference last week in Orlando opened with a strong keynote by John Spence, author of Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas into Action. If you attended his session at ASAE Annual last year, you know he’s an engaging and passionate speaker, the kind that says “fasten your seat belts” before …

Onboarding and the New Member Experience


Joining a gym can be an exciting or frustrating experience, depending on the gym’s orientation or onboarding program. If a new member is left to figure things out on her own, she could quickly become confused and even intimidated by the variety of equipment. Everyone else looks so comfortable, but she doesn’t know what to …

Is The Time Right To Message Your Members?


Why would Facebook spend $19 billion to buy the mobile messaging app WhatsApp, a company with only $300 million in revenue? Because Facebook hasn’t been able to monopolize and monetize the mobile world on their own, so they buy those who have, first Instagram and now WhatsApp with its 450 million active users.

Mobile is where …

Has Your Association Really Earned Your Members’ Trust?


Trust is a cherished commodity these days. Trust in government is at a historic low. Trust in businesses has remained steady over the years, but isn’t much to brag about. A Forrester Research survey found that:

Only 10 percent of consumers trust advertising.
Between 85 and 90 percent don’t trust posts by companies or brands on social networking sites.
Only …

The Secret Code to Membership and Community from GitHub


Every winter, kingmakers, rainmakers and newsmakers gather in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. “While organizations will spend an average of $40,000 to send their CEOs, heads of state and moguls to the ultimate schmooze-a-thon,” says Matt Asay in ReadWrite, “the reality is the world won’t be reshaped in Davos next week. It will happen on …

Let’s Get Real: Association Marketing Photos


Every day, 55 million photos are shared on Instagram and 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook. Pinterest is the fastest-growing content sharing platform of them all.

We’re a visual culture. We create images with the cameras in our pockets. Our digital streams are full of images of real people in real situations shared by our friends, followers, …

Association Member Benefit: Curated Subscription Services


Amazon the Omniscient recently patented “anticipatory shipping.” One day it hopes to send you products you want before you even order them. They’ll use data about purchases, wish lists, browsing and searches in your area to take pesky buying decisions out of your hands. You can already get regular, automatic delivery of products with Amazon’s …

Fill in Your Marketing Knowledge Gaps


When you work in associations, you sometimes have to take on responsibilities that stretch your skill set. That’s a good thing! But, when you’re learning and practicing new skills, you don’t always know what you don’t know.

Take marketing. I used to be the resource person for local association staff who marketed membership as well as …

Re-energize Your Board and Community by Connecting and Listening


Association boards make decisions about programs, content and benefits based on members’ needs and interests. They rely on data collected by surveys, polls, focus groups and other tools to learn about those needs and interests. But, board members (and staff) also bring their own experiences and anecdotal evidence with them to the board room, including …